Window Cleaning Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire

Master Outdoor Services use the latest pure water water fed pole system for cleaning windows, this has many advantages over the traditional method of cleaning window such as no ladders are needed, every part of the glass and frames are cleaned. This system leaves no water spots or streaks and dries to leave perfectly clean windows.

We can reach upto 35 feet and it allows us to reach areas that you can’t with ladders. Another advantage is that the process is chemical free which is better for the environment.

We cover all of Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire, cleaning windows on either a 4, 6 or 8 weekly cycles depending on the customers preference.

Our services start from as little as £10 per visit depending on the number of windows.

Window cleaning special offer

As a special offer to prove our service the first wash will be free of charge