General Gardening & Turf Care

Providing Garden Maintenance Services in Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire

We have the experience and qualifications for all general gardening needs, everyone wants to be proud of their gardens, if you are too busy or you want to use our expertise please contact us as we can provide services in the following areas:-

  • Weekly garden maintenance such as lawn care, weeding in flower beds, regular hedge cutting.
  • Turf Care, we are fully qualified to carry out scarifying of lawns in spring & autumn so moss & weeds can be removed from your lawns giving you the best lawn.
  • We can spray for weeds and then fertilise your lawns on a regular basis and have the programs in place to check on your lawns on a regular basis ensuring it remains weeds free and looking great all year around.
  • We cut all types of hedges and have the professional equipment to carry out this safely which saves you time and money.
  • We can install all different kinds of shrubs, bushes, plants, trees, mulch etc

Please let us provide our expert knowledge on how we can help you maintain your garden

All areas of Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire are covered